Took me a year to read. Think I have read 5 books in between. The first part I had finished in no time. But there was something about the middle that just didn’t really was as catching. When I finally picked it up to finish it I had to force myself for a couple of days. But then I was hooked! And I really liked his final chapters.

Simon Sinek: Performance vs. Trust

Performance vs. Trust

We are hardwired to protect ourselves. We avoid danger and seek out places in which we feel safe. #TheInfiniteGame #TrustingTeams

Slået op af Simon Sinek i Lørdag den 9. november 2019


What he is saying is that trust is more important than performance. While his presentation is a bit too American for me – I can only agree on his message. I have done a few job interviews an I would never hire just for skills (performance). I would always hire for personality. In my opinion, skills doesn’t matter if the person ruins the work environment for your co-workers.

Minimalism & privacy


The fall of 2018 was where I began to read about filter bubbles and lurked around on r/privacy. I read and read and ended up being mildly ‘depressed’. I could see the concerns and problems with the current structure of the business models used on websites and apps. The problem was the solutions offered by the internet. It meant blocking trackers and breaking sites. Saying no to well-designed apps in favor of less functional open-source alternatives. It was overall a hassle and sometimes just overwhelming.
I have been opting a bit out of the Google ecosystem to but my ‘data-eggs’ in different baskets.

My main issue is that it requires a lot of time and effort for me to use lesser apps and software. I want to have a fair amount of privacy. I just don’t think it should be obtained through users having to block everything. For me interest in privacy clashes with my hopes on minimalism as a tool to increase happiness. I can choose between a simple usage of digital media or I can choose a lot of hurdles and regain a bit of my online privacy.

The only path I see forward is debate rather than anti-tracker software. We should focus on why and how to rebuild business models and data collection for digital tools.

Atomic Habits

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Atomic Habits was fun to read and provided a lot of food for thought. It was well written and I felt like it was over way to fast.

I like its practical approach and the examples James uses. He provide some good tools, nice illustrations and a good explanation of the science behind it. It was a great read after Essential. It helped with providing some hands-on tools for getting started with a more minimalistic life.

I think I will have to revisit it at some point. But I have just decluttered my bookshelf – otherwise, it would have been there next to my other favorites.

Recommend it to everybody who wants to become a better version of themselves and want some hands-on tools to get started.


After finding Matt D’Avella and finally got around to see the documentary Minimalism I wanted to do more than just watch youtube clips about the topic. I was/am still in the middle of two other books Sapiens and why Buddism is true. The Essential: Essays by the minimalists was a nice break from the other books. Especially Buddism is a bit of a tough read. I like the points but the pace is a bit slow too slow for me.

The Essential Essay collection, however, was fun to read. Each essay was short and to the point. Easy to read and always had something for your brain to chew on. It was repeating itself a bit. But it makes sense when you collect blog entries in similar categories. Another thing was it felt very American – which also makes sense. While I liked the overall writting I would have liked it to contain more pieces written by Ryan.

A week without my laptop. almost.


Not a week without consumption in any way. Just a holiday with my family where I did bring my smartphone and laptop. The smartphone I already have tried to make as borings as possible through a custom launcher and very limited numbers of apps I can use. I, however, deleted facebook messenger before taking the plane and also detained my emails in focus mode.

My laptop was only used two times and it was for some co-consumption together with my spouse. We needed to see the final episodes of Netflix’s Mindhunter.

I was tingling in my fingers to do some creative work. But when you have the possibility to make family memories you should take them. I have all the weekday evenings for the rest of the year to create stuff.

Privacy, data & de-googling.


In the spring of 2019 I did a school project. It was a design friction class and was about using design to debate a possible future scenario. My group worked with applying the principles of personalized adds and filter bubbles to the physical world. This was here I really read up on data and privacy for a couple of weeks. My brain was completely toasted afterwards.

Some digital changes

After my reading, I decided that I wanted to try and change my digital habits to be more protected about the data I give out and to whom. I don’t dislike google – they are just too big and create too personalized user profiles. BUT I am in deep with their eco system.

Cloud: I have looked at setting up my own cloud with nextcloud on a raspberry pi to replace google drive. Haven’t gotten around to make it work yet.

Mail: I changed mail to tutanota, but still use gmail on a daily basic. 10 years of use – takes time to move all your activity. It is also very hard to change from the well designed to (sorry) tutanota less UX friendly apps. Hard to be a designer and privacy concerned user.

Keyboard: I tried samsung’s keyboard for the last couple of months. I gave up yesterday. I had to choose between de-googling and daily frustrations of bad auto edition from the samsung keyboard.

Os: Still running Windows and android. Hard to get around.

Browser: Switched to Firefox. Was one of the easier changes. I, however, installed all the plugins r/privacy recommended. I have to say I think I will remove some of them. Break too many sites.

Passwords: Stopped using the same’ish password for everything and have chosen a password manager. It is kinda okay. Still a bit more tedious when I am on other devices.

Photo backup: Not even tried to opt-out of google here. Here I value the security of having my memories backup more than to de-google.

Privacy is hard

As you can hear it is hard for me to really do something. Because it is just so much easier to use the big ecosystems. I also believe it is the wrong kind of tech development that forces the users to install all kinds of blockers on their devices. The developers of tech, in my opinion, should strive towards a future with privacy by design as a default.


Second time I do a second fermentation. Last time pear was my favorite. This time I got a bunch of apples from my parents garden.

Black Tea Kombucha with Apples

I also did two smaller test with flavored tea.

Oolong kombucha with full moon tea
Black Tea Kombucha with Dragon Tea.

Fuzzy update


First thing I did after last blog update was I installed a new theme. The theme I had used time to customize was a hassle to use. I needed something low maintenance. The whole idea is that it is not a portfolio. It should be easy peace for me to put up a project.

I think I will make a rule book / manifest for the fuzzy project.

Rule 1: Maximum 2 weeks in a time used on a project.

I think this rule is necessary to keep me for using too much time at one idea. Most of the ideas is not really that interesting. It is more just about getting as many out and maybe I will hit upon something that deserves more than 2-weeks of my time.

I almost fell down a hole with my first idea. It was such a simple tracker idea. I thought it would be a great fun thing to try and code. Found some tutorials, but ended up just eating time. But I really just wanted to see the app exist. So I did something I didn’t expect myself. I made a job on Upwork for my hobby project just to get it crossed out. Will follow up if it is worth the money.

Created another blog..

29.09.2019 is now online.

Unlike this blog which is written for myself fuzzybrain will be for more well presented ideas. So similar to how I use Instagram and dribble. Just with the possibility for more words.

The main idea about the site is to be able to empty my head. Use minimum of time to get the idea out of my head. Then I can always return to ideas if I think they are worth it. But often I just need to get them out.

I also used wordpress for fuzzybrain. While I like this theme for this blog I wanted something that separated my blog posts a bit more for fuzzybrain.

I am amazed how much a person like me with very limited HTML/CSS/Javascript knowledge is able to change just be using ctrl+f and delete out parts I don’t want.

Fx. all things related to comments.