Fuzzy update


First thing I did after last blog update was I installed a new theme. The theme I had used time to customize was a hassle to use. I needed something low maintenance. The whole idea is that it is not a portfolio. It should be easy peace for me to put up a project.

I think I will make a rule book / manifest for the fuzzy project.

Rule 1: Maximum 2 weeks in a time used on a project.

I think this rule is necessary to keep me for using too much time at one idea. Most of the ideas is not really that interesting. It is more just about getting as many out and maybe I will hit upon something that deserves more than 2-weeks of my time.

I almost fell down a hole with my first idea. It was such a simple tracker idea. I thought it would be a great fun thing to try and code. Found some tutorials, but ended up just eating time. But I really just wanted to see the app exist. So I did something I didn’t expect myself. I made a job on Upwork for my hobby project just to get it crossed out. Will follow up if it is worth the money.

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