Minimalism & privacy


The fall of 2018 was where I began to read about filter bubbles and lurked around on r/privacy. I read and read and ended up being mildly ‘depressed’. I could see the concerns and problems with the current structure of the business models used on websites and apps. The problem was the solutions offered by the internet. It meant blocking trackers and breaking sites. Saying no to well-designed apps in favor of less functional open-source alternatives. It was overall a hassle and sometimes just overwhelming.
I have been opting a bit out of the Google ecosystem to but my ‘data-eggs’ in different baskets.

My main issue is that it requires a lot of time and effort for me to use lesser apps and software. I want to have a fair amount of privacy. I just don’t think it should be obtained through users having to block everything. For me interest in privacy clashes with my hopes on minimalism as a tool to increase happiness. I can choose between a simple usage of digital media or I can choose a lot of hurdles and regain a bit of my online privacy.

The only path I see forward is debate rather than anti-tracker software. We should focus on why and how to rebuild business models and data collection for digital tools.

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