Privacy, data & de-googling.


In the spring of 2019 I did a school project. It was a design friction class and was about using design to debate a possible future scenario. My group worked with applying the principles of personalized adds and filter bubbles to the physical world. This was here I really read up on data and privacy for a couple of weeks. My brain was completely toasted afterwards.

Some digital changes

After my reading, I decided that I wanted to try and change my digital habits to be more protected about the data I give out and to whom. I don’t dislike google – they are just too big and create too personalized user profiles. BUT I am in deep with their eco system.

Cloud: I have looked at setting up my own cloud with nextcloud on a raspberry pi to replace google drive. Haven’t gotten around to make it work yet.

Mail: I changed mail to tutanota, but still use gmail on a daily basic. 10 years of use – takes time to move all your activity. It is also very hard to change from the well designed to (sorry) tutanota less UX friendly apps. Hard to be a designer and privacy concerned user.

Keyboard: I tried samsung’s keyboard for the last couple of months. I gave up yesterday. I had to choose between de-googling and daily frustrations of bad auto edition from the samsung keyboard.

Os: Still running Windows and android. Hard to get around.

Browser: Switched to Firefox. Was one of the easier changes. I, however, installed all the plugins r/privacy recommended. I have to say I think I will remove some of them. Break too many sites.

Passwords: Stopped using the same’ish password for everything and have chosen a password manager. It is kinda okay. Still a bit more tedious when I am on other devices.

Photo backup: Not even tried to opt-out of google here. Here I value the security of having my memories backup more than to de-google.

Privacy is hard

As you can hear it is hard for me to really do something. Because it is just so much easier to use the big ecosystems. I also believe it is the wrong kind of tech development that forces the users to install all kinds of blockers on their devices. The developers of tech, in my opinion, should strive towards a future with privacy by design as a default.

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