Highlighting for audio listeners

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Dear Blinkiest

I have recently subscribed to your service. You provide me with a quick way to get a glimpse of…

  • Books who have been stuck on my to read list for ages
  • A quick revist of books
  • A quick way to hear about subjects outside my normal intrests
  • A trailer for books I will end up reading

However! As a listener I have a hard time saving the sections I find interesting enough that I would like to revist them.

Please make a highligt function for audio blinks! I even have an idea to how it might be done.

Double tap for highligt

Many headsets do have a play/pause and volume up and down. Double tapping on the play/pause is normally mapped to skip/next. But could one of the volume controls be used for highligting? ( And if the buttons doens’t work. Maybe have me shake my phone. Think outside the screen )

The time-consuming part

Knowing where the user is the text. Similiar to subtitles the text needs to be match with the timestamp. But I would settle for paragraph highligts. It doesn’t need to be on a sentence level. ( Shouldn’t AI be able to match the text up against the audio in 2021? )

Design for failure

No matter how good you are in you end. I will most certainly double-tap that volume button a bit late sometimes. So design for failure and incorporate and easy edit.

Thats it! Tried to keep it short like you like it.

Photo Credits

‘Cover’ by Henry Be on Unsplash
‘Double Tap’ by ERIC ZHU on Unsplash